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Fox News 44: COLCHESTER, Vt.mdash;A group of students from Emerson College in Boston need your help to pull together a project, documenting Vermont dairy farmer’s use of “Cow Power.” Ludlow, Vt. native, Allison Gillette, came up with the idea for the film. She says “Cow Power” has helped Vermont dairy farmers survive tough times, by providing them with a second income…

BostInno: Hybrid cars use less gas, fluorescent light bulbs offer the same amount of light for one fifth the energy, hemp clothing have stronger fibers and are biodegradable, but what about cow poop? Cow manure can provide enough energy to run a Vermont farm.

WCAXTV: LUDLOW, Vt. – A Vermont filmmaker focused her lens on the “Cow Power” initiative, and her work will debut in Rutland this weekend. “Cow Power: The Film” highlights the work farmers, utilities and their communities are doing to make this renewable energy source a reality.

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Rutland Reader
: Driving by a field freshly covered in manure has the ability to make my eyes water. But, as a mother of two kids who still think poop is hilarious, I never thought a film about a cow’s business could make me cry. But I’ll get to that a bit later.

AG Web: The focus is on how dairy producers from this state transform cow manure into electricity to power their farms and hundreds of local homes and businesses.

Green With Tiffany: What if there were a new source of energy in town? We know that alternatives like wind and solar don’t create by-products that our main sources of energy like coal, natural gas and nuclear do.

Brattleboro Reformer: LUDLOW—Forget Flower Power. One young Vermont native knows the true way to protect the environment is through Cow Power. And it became the subject, and title, of her documentary film…

Lakes Region Free Press (page 9): Allison Gillette of Fair Haven is saving the world one cow patty at a time. Gillette, who studied Film at Emerson College in Boston, is releasing her first feature-length documentary, and wants it to be about something that makes an impact. She has chosen to look at the Cow Power program begun by Central Vermont Public Service, now Green Mountain Power, after a corporate takeover.

Farm Futures: A new documentary film to be released digitally Tuesday will feature Vermont dairy farmers and their efforts to power their farms and local homes and businesses using electricity generated via anaerobic manure digesters.

Dairy Good:Sometimes unique solutions can come from unusual places — including cows. In fact, after hearing how Vermont dairy farmers were transforming cow poop into electricity to power their farms and hundreds of local homes and businesses, Vermont native and Emerson student (now graduate) Allison Gillette knew the story needed to be shared.